1% Man

1% Man is a romantic comedy set in modern day Johannesburg after a deadly virus that affects only men has destroyed 99% of the world’s male population. Now, 7 years after a cure has been found, economies have stabilized and females rule the world. There’s no war in the Middle East, poverty is eradicated and women have solved global warming… sounds great right? But the flip side is that if you’re a woman in this world, finding a date, let alone a man, let alone a loving husband is easier said than done.

On the other hand, if you’re a man in this world, you just hit the jackpot! It’s in this “tongue firmly placed in cheek” world where we meet Tom, Jo’burg’s most eligible bachelor. But Tom is sick and tired of the endless one-night stands and meaningless relationships and is looking for something more… something real. Cindy on the other hand is looking for a story and as a hard-hitting host of her own investigative TV show, she’s sick and tired of the fluff pieces she’s forced to do until she discovers a real story in Tom. You see Tom has a unique job. In a world where the odds of a woman snagging a man are worse than winning the lottery, Tom is paid to tailor make the perfect “accidental date” for desperate women, deliver the fantasy that they are special and adored, then disappear as quickly as he arrived leaving the ladies with a cherished memory and the hope that there may still be a man out there for them. The women get a neatly packaged fantasy, Tom gets paid and every goes home happy. That is until Cindy steps into the picture, sees straight through Tom’s charade and calls his bluff.

1% Man poses the question, is true love possible in a world where the odds are stacked against it? It takes the most thought provoking parts of the high concept of a world with hardly any men in it and delivers huge laughs, compelling romance and plenty of eye candy. It’s HITCH meets 500 DAYS OF SUMMER and will appeal to both men and women between 24 – 35 years old. Set in Jo’burg, 1% Man will appeal to South Africa as a primary target market where budget requirements will be recouped, but the power of the high concept and the historical strength of the romantic comedy genre will ensure international appeal as well.