High Rollers

High Rollers, SABC3’s riveting local drama series is set against the backdrop of the glamorous and backstabbing world of gambling. When the stakes are high and the chips are down, it’s brother against brother in the game of life, business and family.

High Rollers features the talents of several A-list stars of stage and screen led by Justin Strydom, Antony Coleman, Jo-anne Reyneke, Hayley Owen, Carine Rous, Mayuri Naidu and Vilje Maritz.

The series is an inter-generational family drama centring on three “brothers” – the Machiavellian casino kingpin David (Coleman), his flawed and volatile older brother Paul (Strydom) and David’s trusted right-hand man Thato “TT” Mogale (Mpela) – who are divided by their love for money, family and God. From the boardroom to the bedroom, each man plays the hand dealt to him as they navigate a precarious tightrope between loyalty and betrayal.

“SABC3 is extremely excited to be advancing the public broadcaster’s proud tradition of quality English television drama with this exceptional new series,” says Risuna Mayimele, SABC3’s Marketing Manager.

High Rollers promises to deliver high production values, an outstanding cast, complex characters and a compelling storyline that pivots around the risky gambles we take in life – whether to simply accept our lot or put everything on the line in the pursuit of personal and professional riches.”

Each episode delves into the world anchored by King’s Casino and five-star hotel complex, an upmarket establishment in Johannesburg’s north-eastern suburbs.

Says producer Luke Rous: “We envisaged the casino as a metaphor for life and how we gamble on a daily basis with love, religion and family. Of course, the central focus is on the human drama and the interpersonal dynamics at play, with the characters’ vices and ambition threatening to destroy their lives and those of their loved ones.

“Our aim was to craft a dynastic family saga with strong, well-drawn characters that hook the viewer and reel them into the unfolding drama.”

The ties that bind are often the ties that blind… especially when the unwritten code of brotherhood starts to fall apart.


The stakes have never been higher - and all bets are off...