Roer Jou Voete

Rous House Productions, in co-production with TUNG 'N CHEEK, have produced 26 episodes of the SABC3 drama Roer Jou Voete.

“’n Mens moet kan ontslae raak van die geraamtes in jou kas, indien nie, moet hulle leer dans.”

A talented dancer has crossed swords with a nasty Joburg drug lord; his only hope to survive is a Latin and Ballroom Dance School in a forgotten Karoo town... Roer Jou Voete is the latest Afrikaans drama and the first to be commissioned by the channel making its way to SABC3 from 29th July, 2015 at 20:00.  

Roer Jou Voete is the brainchild of Justin Strydom and Joshua Rous.  The series is produced by Tung n Cheek Productions and head written by Justin Strydom. The dynamic series is Tung n Cheek Productions’ maiden project and thus they teamed up with the experienced brothers, Joshua and Luke, of Rous House Productions to bring the ground-breaking series to South African screens.

This 26-part drama series features a few very talented newcomers to the small screen as well as some very familiar faces. The main cast includes Marno Van Der Merwe (Dillon Pretorius), Nicole Fortuin (Maryke Van Niekerk), Ilse Klink (Tamara Van Niekerk), David James (Rudi Bryce), Saint Seseli (Dr. Ephron Serameng), Robyn Brophy (Janine Van Niekerk) and Jose Domingos (Toni Palguiera).

While supporting cast members comprises of Grethe Fox (Gertruida Pretorius), Bradley Olivier (Willem van Niekerk), Jason Willemse (Riaan Huisman), Busisiwe Mtshali (Dawn Senatla), Nicholas Nkuna (Shakes Mbebe),  Nosiphiwo Samente (Nqobile Tsiriletso) and Chris Jaftha (Gideon Adams).

Roer Jou Voete is an hour long series which tells the story of Dillon Pretorius, a talented but wayward show dancer in his mid-20’s, struggling to come to terms with the guilt of his father’s death. When a nasty drug lord comes looking for his money, Dillon is forced to flee to the one place he believes no one will find him: his father’s dance club situated in the heart of a Karoo mining town called Verloren. The plan is to sell the club, pay off his debt and get his dance career back on track. Unfortunately, what should have been the perfect place to hide becomes the perfect place to die. While trying to remain hidden, he heats up the town: Bumping heads with the local Sheriff; a shifty Latino Dancer; the Town Pastor and his father’s ex-lover. He also stumbles onto the secrets of his family’s past. As luck would have it, he makes a dangerous new enemy in the ruthless Town Mayor, who wants to steal his birthright, thus opening up the opportunity to frack Verloren into oblivion. To stop this from happening, he must right the wrongs of the past.

Verloren is a place, where the past and the present weave an intricate dance, and to survive, one has to learn to “Roer Jou Voete”…  Find it on SABC3 every Wednesday at 8pm from 29th July 2015.

Episode synopses for the first 4 episodes:

Episode 1 ‘Die Koning is Dood’
The countdown to the annual Verloren Cha-cha Fees has begun, and Maryke has to make sure that it is a roaring success or else her family could lose the club altogether, but the world conspires against them and just when things are at their bleakest, a stranger rolls into town.

Episode 2 ‘Passies met die pad af’
Toni’s marriage is in trouble and Dillon (who is trying to remain anonymous until he can sell the club) is coerced into teaching Toni and his wife the Rumba. Unfortunately Maria and Toni can’t seem to get the love dance right.

Episode 3 ‘Troues en Spooke’
A young couple, Rene and Gerrit, arrive at the club wanting to learn how to Samba for their wedding. Maryke believes that Dillon has learnt from his mistake with Toni and asks him to do the coaching. Unfortunately Dillon believes that the groom is trying to please his father by getting married.

Episode 4 ‘Kleure van ‘n Koning’
Faan’s wife is suffering from dementia and can’t remember him. He goes to the only place he can think of to get help, Roer Jou Voete Dans Klub. Unfortunately the arrival of Skim has put everyone, involved with the club, in danger.

Episode 5 'Liefde Blindelings'            
Three female convicts arrive in Verloren (Bessie, Beauty and Ou Nooi) on a ‘Social Re-integration Programme’ run by Maryke, but with Dillon’s ruse exposed and Gideon still out of favour, she turns to Toni for help.

Episode 6 'Corte' van n' Princes'                     
A Muslim girl, Baheya, unexpectedly arrives in Verloren and Willem has to do everything in his power to keep her a secret. It isn’t long before she discovers the dance club and a determined Dillon trying to woo Maryke back. To make matters worse an Inspector Braiden arrives in Verloren to investigate the burnt out car near ‘Duiwels Vurk’.

Episode 7 'Mal Draai'  
Dillon, still trying to win Maryke’s favour, audaciously risks everything by seizing an opportunity that arises when the 'Salsa in Die Stof Dans Kompetisie' is abandoned. The arrival of a Texan businessman, Pach Malin, not only gets Tamara’s heart racing but starts to expose Rudi’s plans for Verloren.  

Episode 8 'Geraamtes en Geluide'                  
As part of their prize for winning the ‘SALSA in die STOF’ competition, Maryke and Dillon have won a photo-shoot for the December page of the SADOU (Suid-Afrikaanse Dans Onderwysers Unie) calendar. The club needs the exposure, but Maryke isn’t interested. Meanwhile Ephron and Pach Malin are relentlessly vying for Tamara’s affections despite Rudi’s attempts to get them to focus on the Fracking deal.

Episode 9 ‘Nqobile’                
Dillon gets an unexpected visitor - Nqobile - who promises fame and fortune in a new production for which he has been cast as the lead, but Maryke doesn’t trust her. Janine discovers that Ephron and Tamara are romantically involved driving her to confront Tamara, while Rudi cannot shake the idea that Gertruida is somehow behind Dillon’s arrival in Verloren.