When Bella (Isabel) returns from a 2 year stint in the UK with her new English boyfriend on her arm, her staunch Afrikaner Boer father is less than impressed. Charles, her new man, is thrown into the deep end when he discovers that winning Bella’s heart was only the beginning and winning the approval of the family, is not going to be as easy as he had hoped.

Not only does Bella’s family not seem keen on him as a boyfriend, they are dead set against this relationship moving to the next level, engagement, which is exactly the reason that Charles has come to Africa. Charles does seem to have found an ally of sorts within the family, Bella’s senile old Ouma who believes Charles is her long departed husband.

‘Lang-arm’ dancing, quad bike racing, springbok hunting & braais, Charles is put through his paces as he tries to convince the family that he is the man for Bella and for them.

But Kobus, Bella’s high school sweet heart and now successful farmer, is going to make sure it’s not a clean fight.